About FrankStalloneGuitars.com

FrankStalloneGuitars.com was founded by award-winning musician and performer, Frank Stallone, with his business partner, Gary “GJ” Panepinto, a financial services executive & guitar lover.

The company started as a passion project to make high-quality guitars affordable to guitar players of all levels. Frank has hand-selected components of the guitar for sound quality, playability, and looks that meet his high standards. Gary has negotiated with the manufacturers for the best value and manufacturing terms.

By using the Internet exclusively as their “storefront,” FrankStalloneGuitars.com can offer these high-quality electric guitars at a much lower cost to the guitar community. These guitars are not available anywhere else. Finally, we guarantee your satisfaction with our guitars with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee (return shipping not included).

FrankStalloneGuitars.com is a privately-held, start-up company organized by Frank and Gary to search the world for the highest quality and best value for the Guitarist.

You’ll also support our mission to make high-quality guitars and accessories available to anyone who wants one.

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Selling Direct to the Customer

"I’ve looked at a lot of guitar and component manufacturers around the world, and I’ve personally selected all the components to create the Tiger Electric Guitar - a beautiful, easy to play and great sounding instrument. The Tiger Electric Guitar is a high-quality, budget-friendly guitar that won't break the bank." - Frank Stallone

Selling direct over the Internet allows us to reduce the cost of our guitars in two ways.  One, we don't have a distributor who adds costs.  Two, we don't need a physical storefront, which is very expensive.  We then can pass on these savings to you.  We do offer a 100% price guarantee within 30 days, so you can be assured that you're buying THE BEST GUITAR YOU'LL EVER LOVE!

About Frank and Gary (GJ)


Frank Stallone

Founder, Award Nominated Musician and Product Design

Grammy and Golden Globe-nominated artist Frank Stallone is one of the most versatile actors, singers, and musicians in the business. His explosive voice and his dynamic guitar playing range from rock to blues to big band, leaves audiences entertained and captivated. Frank has written and published over 200 songs and has written and recorded compositions for nine films, including Rocky I, II and III, Rambo II, Paradise Alley, and Over the Top.

Frank’s nine songs that he wrote and recorded for the Saturday Night Fever Sequel Staying Alive earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Sound Track and a Grammy nomination for Best Original Song with his single, “Far From Over”.

Frank is a guitar, music, and art aficionado. He is one of the best boxing historians in the world and is an avid collector of guitars and boxing memorabilia. When he’s not writing songs or filming a project, he can be found sharing time with family and friends enjoying international cuisine and a good bottle of vino.

Gary "GJ" Panepinto

Founder & CEO

Gary (GJ) is a successful executive in the financial services industry for the past 35 years. In that role, he has helped a multitude of businesses, from start-up to seasoned, with funding needs.

But throughout his financial career, GJ has always cherished his time playing the guitar and jamming with his friends. Over time, he realized that his real passions are music and guitars. Although he is not a gigging professional (he appears nightly in his living room - no one throws tomatoes), his love for quality guitars has led him to team up with the multi-talented Frank Stallone to form FrankStalloneGuitars.com.

In his role as the CEO, GJ oversees the business and the customer relationships of Frank Stallone Guitars, LLC. He and Frank constantly search around the globe to build the BEST GUITARS YOU’LL EVER LOVE.


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